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Silver: Power Combo - Ametrine 925 Silver Necklace

Silver: Power Combo - Ametrine 925 Silver Necklace

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For Intuition & Prosperity - Ametrine Pendant with 925 Sterling Necklace 




Ametrine is Citrine & Amethyst naturally formed in one crystal. With the purple & yellow in the crystal it is exceptionally beautiful and combines and amplifies the properties of each crystal.


Amethyst, the crystal of the true self. Increases the connection to the higher self and core intuition. Helps with insomnia, anxiety and addictions. Strengthens manifestation and creativity.


Citrine is a Crystal of luck & happiness - it is connected to the sun & the 3rd Chakra. It is a powerful crystal to aim and gain wealth, increase self-esteem and maintain a positive & healthy self-image. It amplifies creativity, encourages generosity & promotes clarity of thinking especially in tense situations. 


Ametrine is also called 'power combo', as the stone helps to verbalises personal will, facilitates new beginnings & supports prosperity.


925 Sterling Silver Necklace: 45 cm length

Pendant shape can slightly vary, as each crystal is unique 


Please note that all our crystals are ethically sourced and are obtained from a family company in Brazil. We support quality over quantity and hand-pick what speaks to us before ordering the crystals. 


Before delivery we smudge the crystal with Palo Santo - so it's ready for its new owner to be used.


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