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Silver Pendants for the Soul

Silver Pendants for the Soul

Preisab 39,95 €

All 3 pendants are made out of 925 Silver and 100% vegan.


The Om symbol is the powerful representation of the Divine and the Trinity. The sound of Om leads to harmony on the body-mind-soul level. The red garnet stone underlines the center of the heart.


Flower of Venus is a symbol of love, trust, and harmonious relationships. The red zirconia elegantly emphasizes the heart center, embodying the essence of affection and connection.


Seed of Life is known for its symbolism in sacred geometry and spirituality. It is a geometric figure composed of seven evenly spaced circles, with six smaller circles surrounding a central circle. Each circle in the Seed of Life represents a stage of creation, and it is known to be the cycle of creation and the fundamental patterns of existence.


Size: 2-3cm


All pendants are delivered without necklaces.

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