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Cleansing Your Crystals - All You Need To Know

Purpose of cleansing your crystals:

Crystals require regular cleansing in order to let go of absorbed energy after using it and in order to vibrate on it's original frequency it had when it was first formed in the earth.

How often should you cleanse your crystals:

Depending on the use of your crystal, you might want to cleanse on a regular basis.

We recommend the following:

Daily use: cleanse once a week

Mediocre use: cleanse once a month

Sporadic use: cleanse once a quater

Important is though, in order to have them work with and for your, you do need to cleanse them from time to time. Especially when you first acquire a new crystal.

There are many ways and methods of cleansing your crystal but we put our top 4 ways for you together.

Top 4 cleansing ways:

1. Pink Himalayan Salt or Rice cleansing:

Fill a bowl (preferably glass) with natural pink Himalayan salt. Pink Himalaya Salt is highly recommended for cleansing processes like the aura, but works perfectly on crystals as well. Please be reminded that softer stones may scratch in salt or get damaged, for those we recommend rice.

Burry the crystal in the pink Himalayan salt or rice and leave for about a day. After the cleansing process is done, make sure you discard the rice or Himalayan salt, since it absorbed energies from the stone. In no case consume it.

2. Florida Water - Aqua de Florida

An easy way to cleanse your crystals & jewellery properly. Bathe your crystals and jewellery in diluted Florida Water to cleanse them. Add a few drops to a bath for purification and protection.

3. Sound Cleansing Method

With a bell, singing bowl, tuning fork, or any musical instrument (including your voice) create sound and allow the sound vibrations to surround and penetrate the crystals. Sound Cleansing can be done on its own or in conjunction with other cleansing methods.

4. Smudging Cleanse Method

Burning Incense and waving the smoke over the stones is another effective cleansing method. You can use any incense of your choice. Some nice ones are White Sage, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, etc.


- When you first acquire a new crystal, stone, piece of jewelry, etc

- Before and/or after every time you use/wear

- New Moon - Leave crystal/stone by window or outside during New Moon and for a few days afterwards if desired. New Moon energy is cleansing and helps focus energy to manifest. It is a good time to set intention and goals for the waxing Moon cycle ahead.

- Full Moon - Leave crystal/stone by window or outside during Full Moon and for a few days afterwards if desired. Full Moon energy is cleansing and energizing, releasing stagnant energies.

- Cleanse any time your intuition guides you

Programming Crystals and Stones

You can program your crystals with an intention to help and support you with a specific healing purpose. Hold your crystal in your hand and repeat your intention. Visualise that it goes into your stone. Be clear and precise on your intention. Every time you use your crystal you can repeat the intention you set at first or something similar, while meditating with it. It helps manifesting your intention and supports your self-healing process.

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