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Cosy Organic Wool Pillows with Rose Quartz

Cosy Organic Wool Pillows with Rose Quartz

PriceFrom €39.95

Cosy Organic Wool Pillows with embedded Rose Quartz available in 2 different designs and 3 different filling options.


Energizing Rose Quartz: These thoughtfully designed pillows feature a golden print embedded with micro-fine rose quartz. Rose Quartz is known for its ability to fortify heart energy and soothe nerves, fostering inner peace and happiness.


Experience the calming influence that promotes restful, deep sleep while enhancing the flow of positive energy within your body. 


Ergonomic Support: Our selection of cosy organic cotton pillows allows you to select for your preferred filling, including:


1. Bio-energetic virgin wool globules, ensuring your neck remains perfectly cradled and supported.


2. A Mix of aromatically fragrant Swiss pine flakes and pure new wool beads. The Swiss pine, have a wonderful fresh smell due to its essential oils, offers an air-purifying, clarifying, and sleep-promoting effect. The Swiss pine flakes are embedded in virgin wool globules so the pillow does not make any noise while using it. 


3. Without inlet - for your own pillow.


Plush Comfort for Side Sleepers: One side of the pillow is luxuriously lined with super-soft organic cotton plush, making it the ideal choice for side sleepers seeking a cozy and comfortable rest.


Handcrafted with Positive Feng Shui: Each pillow undergoes diligent handwork and is infused with positive Feng Shui measures during its creation, making sure prepared with a sense of harmony and balance.


Practical Design: If you choose the pillowcase with one of the two fillings, the pillowcase comes complete and with an inner pillow, both equipped with a convenient zipper for easy maintenance. 


Product Details:


  • Color: Nature/Gold
  • Dimensions: 40x63 cm
  • Filling Material: 100% Virgin Wool / Swiss Pine / None
  • Cover + Inlet Material: 100% Cotton (Certified Organic)
  • Machine Washable at 40°C
  • Produced in Germany
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