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Welcome to GemStals ☽

We are a Luxembourg-based Online Shop since 2021. Featuring a small product range of hand-picked ethically sourced crystals, high quality jewellery, crystal infused water bottles and since autumn 2023 our shop carries embedded crystal blankets, duvet covers, virgin wool yoga mats and more.


  Our crystal products are constantly changing in alignment with what currently is available at our trusted crystal partner.

Our focus is on high vibration crystals, that are as little treated as possible, in order to retain as much energy as possible.

At GemStals we believe, that your connection to the natural, outer world and elements opens the gates to access the energy all around you and to tap into the magic inside you.

Take a look at our naturally sourced and earthy products and see what speaks to you.

Free shipping in Luxembourg

We also ship to any European country

If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to contact us directly.

Love & Light,

Your GemStals

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