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Amethyst-Chevron Moons

Amethyst-Chevron Moons

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Amethyst and Chevron (also referred to as 'White Quartz') is a naturally formed combination that makes this purple & white shiny crystals so special.


Amethyst is a wonderful helper stone when it comes to anxiety, nightmares, insomnia and feeling uneased. Due to the Quartz you will rarely need to cleanse it but we do recommend to charge it regulary with some full-moon light (once a month) so it never stops working for you. 


Our Moon Shape Crystals are high grade, ideal to carry in your pants pocket, wallet, purse or place on your desk. 


Please note that all our crystals are ethically sourced and are obtained from a family company in Brazil. We support quality over quantity and hand-pick what speaks to us before ordering the crystals.
Before delivery we smudge the crystal with Palo Santo - so it's ready for its new owner to be used. :-)


Each crystal comes with a description of its properties.

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