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Chrysopras Chalcedon Moons - The Heart Healer

Chrysopras Chalcedon Moons - The Heart Healer

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Chrysopras Chalcedon Moons - The Heart Healer


Elevate your spiritual connection with the unique beauty of our Chrysoprase Chalcedony Crystal Moons. These celestial wonders are radiant talismans that harmonize your energies, promote emotional balance, and infuse your space with soothing tranquility.


Chrysopras Chalcedon is strongly connected to the Heart Chakra and often referred to as the 'Heart Healer'. Its serene colors and soothing vibes inspire feelings of love, compassion, and inner harmony.


Our Moon Shape Crystals are high grade, and small enough to carry close to your body, for example in a (chest) pocket, wallet or purse.


Whenever you need some uplifting heart chakra energy you can focus on the crystal by holding it close to your heart.


Please note that all our crystals are ethically sourced and are obtained from a family company in Brazil. We support quality over quantity and hand-pick what speaks to us before ordering the crystals.
Before delivery we smudge the crystal with Palo Santo - so it's ready for its new owner to be used. :-)


Each crystal comes with a description of its properties.

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