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Black Tourmaline Raw Cut 1,6kg

Black Tourmaline Raw Cut 1,6kg

149,00 €Prix

Black Tourmaline contains high concentrations of iron, which is specifically good at absorbing and harmonising EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields).


The magnetic nature of iron literally pulls the electromagnetic frequencies towards itself. Ideal to place next to your router, computer or in the bedroom.


Additionally, Black Tourmaline is extremely grounding. It helps enhance the body’s natural electrical field – thus making a more grounded hindrance against hurtful radiation in our surroundings.


Spiritual Meaning: Black Tourmaline is know to absorb negativity. In ancient times, magicians used Black Tourmaline to ward off demons. Along with absorbing negativity and providing protection, Black Tourmaline also helps keep you grounded, and it promotes self-confidence. 


This beautiful, raw cut is ethically sourced from Brazil.


1,669kg of powerful, unique grounding energy naturally grown with white-silver shiny 'Mica'



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