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Embedded Rose Quartz Fitted Bed Sheets

Embedded Rose Quartz Fitted Bed Sheets

PriceFrom 29,95 €

Luxury, organic cotton fitted sheets, with micro fibre Rose Quartz crystals


Thoughtfully produced in Europe with a commitment to fairness and sustainability.


The rose quartz enhances your well-being, helps with a restful sleep and promotes a harmonious energy flow, helping you open your heart to tranquility. 


Available in a variety of sizes and 7 different colors.


These unique bed sheets are easy to care for, suitable for machine washing at 60°C and compatible with tumble dryers.


They also boast a hotel-quality feel that brings inner peace and comfort into your your bedroom.


To enhance your bedroom's aesthetic, consider pairing our sunset-orange fitted sheet with our Sunrise, Fascination Rainbow, or Beauty Dream bedding collections.


Material Details:

  • Crafted from high-quality organic cotton in a fine jersey weave
  • Exceptionally soft and gentle on the skin, thanks to eco-conscious production methods
  • Exhibits the opulence of hotel-grade bedding
  • Easily cared for with machine washing at 60°C
  • Compatible with tumble dryers
  • A vegan-friendly choice


Suitable for mattresses with a height of up to 25 cm, our fitted sheets promise both style and substance for your peaceful night's rest.

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