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Rare Rainbow Fluorite - different sizes

Rare Rainbow Fluorite - different sizes

PriceFrom €39.00

Rainbow Fluorite - for mental clarity, creativity and cleansing energy


Fluorite crystals are a rare, beautiful and unique mineral species prized for their rainbow of colors and fascinating crystal formations.


Each piece boasts a stunning array of colors, from the depths of green and purples to vibrant shades of pink. Not only is this crystal visually striking, but it also has powerful metaphysical properties that can aid in mental clarity and emotional balance.


Fluorite is known for its ability to enhance creativity and help with organization, making it a popular choice for artists and those looking to improve their focus.


Additionally, Fluorite is a powerful energy cleaner, making it a great addition to any crystal collection.


Whether used for decoration, meditation, or crystal healing, Fluorite crystals are sure to add a touch of beauty and energy to any space.


Currently we have pieces in 5, 6 and 7 cm long.


Ethically sourced from Brazil.


Before delivery we cleanse the crystal energetically with Palo Santo wood, ready to be used.

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