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Table Cloth Nature Dream with Tourmaline

Table Cloth Nature Dream with Tourmaline

PriceFrom €19.95

Experience the artistry of our hand-painted organic tablecloth, inspired by the exquisite beauty of nature.


These diligently crafted tablecloths spread love and harmony, with each element carefully designed to create a sense of balance and grace. Due to the thoughtfully coordinated colors and the imaginative blooming pattern, this tablecloth brings a light and lively atmosphere to any setting.


Crafted from ecologically digitally dyed organic cotton, our tablecloth incorporates microfine tourmaline gemstones, adding a touch of clarity and harmony to your living space.


Made from 100% organic cotton, this material has been treated with an organic stain protection, making it water and dirt repellent.


This feature ensures effortless maintenance, keeping your tablecloth looking pristine with minimal effort.


The table cloth is entirely vegan and available in two different sizes.

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