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To Stabilize.

Fluorite helps stabilizing your body, mind and spirit. It helps facilitate energy flow among your chakras and promotes clarity of thinking. It also amplifies calmness, enhances creativity, harmonising and the connection to the Divine.

Rose Quartz

Love & Compassion.

Rose Quartz ist the crystal of unconditional love, kindness and compassion. It helps with emotional healing, peace and play-fullness.Rose Quartz is a calm stone that can help you feel more connected to others and strengthen your sensation of joy.


For Strength & Courage.

Carnelian is associated with willpower, boldness and developing a healthy sense of self. It helps with focusing on the present moment, returning passion to relationships, protection against envy, overcoming abuse & boosting energy.


Absorbs Negativity.

Hematite is a good crystal to absorb your own negativity, stress and anxiety but also others.

It helps you to ground and detoxify. It constantly works for you. Due to this fact a piece can chip of, when that happens burry it back to the earth and get a new piece.


Enhances prosperity.

Citrine is the ultimate crystal for prosperity, self-esteem and self-image. It amplifies creativity, encourages generosity, promotes clarity of thinking. It also asserts personal will and facilitates new beginnings.

Smoky Quartz

For Balance.

With the help of Smoky Quartz you will be able to transfer negativity into positivity. Smoky Quartz amplifies positive energy, helps with grounding and detoxifying, It connects all the chakras to balance energies and increases the connection to higher guidance and the Divine.



Amethyst the crystal of the true self. Increases the connection to the higher self and core intuition. Helps with insomnia, anxiety and addictions. Strengthens manifestation and creativity. Also a good companion for travelling as it brings safety for travellers.


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